Geneva Troop 5

Elroy-Sparta Bike Trail
June 2005

This was our fourth year doing this outing. We camp at the city park in Elroy, take a swim, then hit the trail to Sparta (32+ miles) the next morning. This was the third consecutive year with absolutely perfect weather. We can't go wrong on this trip. Pictures by Kurt Mather and Rob Stevens. Narration by Rob Stevens.
Chris Reynolds in grand form.
Josh Louk's splashless dive.
Tuneups. Will's chain got a dose of motor oil found in Don's truck -- a big dose! Kurt: "that's a lot of oil!" Don: "Yeah -- he'll be throwin' a 50-weight rooster tail" Scott: "we won't be able to catch him."
Leaders: Scoutmaster Don Staley, Kurt Mather, and Scott McBride. Scott McMarrow arrived later. With two Scott Mc*s on duty, we were determined not to let the boys get off Scott-free.
Trey and Josh
Braden and Jason setting up after a swim.
Though Chris has been to Wisconsin many times, it took until this trip to discover cheese curds ("squeeky cheese").
Miracle #1: After three years, Rob proves the naysayers wrong that he would never be able to get a volleyball game going.
Miracle #2: Will says, "I don't care anymore if they take my picture."
Jason with yet another valiant dive for the ball.
"Eric, you'll need your foot for tomorrow!"
Cameron heats up leftover fries.
Dig in!
Braden and Jason
Justin and Eric
Will holds a bottle of CameronFuel. Cameron is the lump in the tent.
You use a hatchet, not a spatula, to make "Piute Flat Bread."
Even if we could find the spatula, regular pancakes wouldn't be as good. Trust us on this one, guys.
I forgot my mess kit #1.
I forgot my mess kit #2.
Scott and Rob's dueling hats (our employers, Oracle and SAS, are sometimes competitors).
On your marks...
Will and Kurt pass through Elroy.
Entrance to the first tunnel of three tunnels. The longest one is 3/4 of a mile.
Will and Braden in the first tunnel.
Careful -- that light at the end of the tunnel could be Eric!
The crew made it to the lunch spot in Wilton in record time.
Lunch. Note Chris in the background: "can I run ahead?"
"Again Chris, no you cannot run ahead. You can go anywhere except ahead of Shane, or behind Br. Staley."
"Eat some lunch -- you cannot run ahead."
Shane's precision method for applying jelly to bread.
Chris (already starting to pull ahead), Cameron, and Shane. Most of the pack following.
Josh, Trey, Jason, Braden.
Jason and Braden.
Will prefers to fly by instrument, not by sight.
Eric and Justin
Scott McBride
Looks can be deceiving -- this is the start of a long hill. The reward is a cool tunnel at the top, followed by a long, fast, downhill run.
Don and Scott bring up to rear, playing sweepers to catch any stragglers.
So much for, "I don't care anymore if they take my picture."
Rob arrives at trail's end -- but where are the boys?
The sweepers arrive, but haven't seen the boys either. Hmmm… what did we say about running ahead?
A little hot-dogging at the finish line. We did the trail in record time this year.
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