Geneva Troop 5

Elroy-Sparta Bike Trail
June 18-19, 2004

We left the church at around 1:30pm Friday and drove to Elroy, Wisconsin. We camped in the city park. After dinner we took advantage of the city pool. Saturday we had breakfast then embarked on our 32 mile bike ride to Sparta. The Elroy-Sparta trail is an old railroad right of way. This trail is very popular and features three tunnels, the longest of which is just over 3/4 mile long. Upon our return to Elroy, we packed our gear and took another swim before the long drive home.
Rob Stevens packs his truck.
Sanchez and Osorio families.
Carlos Osorio
William Niewold
Some of the newer bikes have very thick frames, so Dale has to use duct tape to get those bikes to stay in place in his rack.
Why they call them monkey bars. Matt, Jason, Chris, and William.
Bill Hall and Shane Seay.
Bill Hall with his 30 year old tent. Do the math: that means he got it when he was eight years old!
Enjoying the pool. (Matt?)
Enjoying the pool. (Kirk?)
Carlos and Jeff
Chris Reynolds had some nice dives.
Bill Hall
Nice form, Bill!
More fun in the pool.
More fun in the pool.
More fun in the pool.
More fun in the pool. Bill Hall and Spencer.
More fun in the pool.
Cameron Seay
Shane and Kirk
Chris, Kirk, William, Rob.
Matt Amato and scoutmaster Dale.
Matt Amato
Jeff Stevens
Jason and Chris watch as Jeff cooks the beef for chili.
Kirk mixes gatorade.
Dale adds the chili powder (this task is always best left to an adult.)
Rob Stevens tried to get a volleyball game going...
...but it all too quickly turned to playing in the sand.
Bill Hall and Rob Stevens attempt last minutes tweeks and fixes to the boys' bikes.
Bill thinks maybe he could beat Stacee and Jamie if he had one of these!
Two good men.
Friday night was colder than most had anticipated - mid 40s. But Saturday morning was beautiful!
Cameron and Julian cook the bacon as Jeff watches.
Justin and Chris make pancakes as Carlos gives directions. This was Justin's first campout.
Jason likes his bacon crispy, but not this crispy!
Saturday breakfast.
Saturday breakfast.
My good friend Rob with his BSA uniform compatible SAS hat.

"Hey Rob, can SAS...?"
More last minute tuneups. Most of the tires were very low on air.
Rob assists in the last minute tuneups.
Good man, that Bill Hall.
Bill and Shane planned to ride ten miles in the opposite direction, then turn around and catch the rest of the troop. That would give Shane a fifty miler.
Can you pick out the child in this picture?
Troop 5 ready to go.
On the trail. Pedal, Carlos!
Spectacular weather two years in a row. Not a cloud in the sky!
Pedal, Carlos!
Trailside scenery.
Carlos, Justin, Julian, and William in the town of Kendall.
William and Julian.
Rob and Dale in the first tunnel.
Yours truly (Bill Qualls) in the first tunnel.
Lunch stop.
Feeding time at the zoo.
Build your own subs courtesy of scoutmaster Dale Blotter.
Jeff, Matt, and Kirk
Dale at the Farmers Market (one Amish wagon with baked goods.)
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