Geneva Troop 5

Elroy-Sparta Bike Trail
June 20-21, 2003

We left the church at 1:00pm Friday and drove to Elroy, Wisconsin. We camped in the city park. After dinner we took advantage of the city pool. Saturday we had breakfast then embarked on our 32 mile bike ride to Sparta. The Elroy-Sparta trail is an old railroad right of way. This trail is very popular and features three tunnels, the longest of which is just over 3/4 mile long. Upon our return to Elroy, we packed our gear and took another swim before the long drive home.
Rob Stevens: a cool guy with a cool truck.
Swimming in Elroy. That landing is gonna hurt!
Kirk Gray checks out Robbie Blotter's form.
Dedicated scoutmaster Dale Blotter takes inventory before dinner.
More dutch oven magic...
Carlos awaits dessert.
The finished product. Yum!
Everyone slept in tents except Carlos.
Robbie prepares eggs for breakfast...
...while Jeff Stevens prepares the bacon.
Getting ready to hit the trail. Most tires were very low on air.
(Left to right) Robbie Blotter, Jeff Stevens, Kirk Gray, Cheyne Heaton.
And they're off!
Some background information.
Business opportunity.
Western Wisconsin's largest train turntable.
Rob Stevens at the turntable.
The turntable.
Jeff, Cheyne, Rob, Kirk, Robbie and Carlos in Kendall.
Scenery. The weather was perfect.
Pedal, Carlos! Pedal!
Dale Blotter at the first tunnel.
At the end of the first tunnel.
At the end of the first tunnel.
As a former math teacher, I had to take a picture of this sign. Reminds me of something a fellow teacher used to say: "Pie are not square. Pie are round. Cornbread are square." Sorry...
Carlos took a spill.
Road rash.
If things don't work out at BP, maybe Dale can get a job at Subway.
More scenery.
Approaching the second tunnel.
Cool cow.
Black squirrel capital? Is that the best you can do?
Seriously, Norwalk had a beautiful park. Restrooms were spotless and included showers. Camping is allowed here.
More scenery.
More scenery.
Stone flume just east of the last tunnel.
Welcome to Bryce Canyon? No, just some colorful sandstone about one mile from Sparta.
Back in Elroy. Check out the burl on this oak tree! The scouts said it looked as though this tree had a brain!
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