Geneva Troop 5

Summer Camp at Freeland-Leslie
July 2005

Ross, Jason, Bradyn, Hyrum
Mark Benson
Justin and Eric share a pizza from the trading post.
Canoeing at the waterfront.
Cameron (not a morning person.)
Br. Staley left this tent for Scott but had not attached the rain fly.
Emptying the tent.
Emptying another tent.
Scott and William.
Carlos floats with inflated clothes.
"I will now demonstrate my super powers. Don't try this at home."
He begins by sucking all the air out of his shirt...
before jumping out of the lake...
and now his clothes are dry!
Beautiful waterfront.
Swimming merit badge.
Heart attack hill leads from the waterfront.
Trading post...a timeless tradition.
Pizza again?
Waiting out another summer storm.
Emptying the dining fly of its water.
What happens when you stand too close to said dining fly as it is being emptied!
Crowded...we need a bigger dining fly.
Ben cooks spaghetti.
Cameron loves his assistant scoutmaster. Don't you need a toten chip to use that fork?
Ben and Robert on the Huck Finn overnight. Sadly, BSA no longer allows real rafts... the raft remains tied to the shore.
Beautiful evening.
Robert and Ben.
Eric enjoys a campfire.
Friday pig roast.
Excellent pork was served at dinner.
Archery range.
William at the archery range.
Robert at the archery range.
Hyrum at the archery range.
Rifle range.
Rocket for Space Exploration merit badge.
Jason and Cameron.
Assistant scoutmaster Scott.
Beginning to pack up on Friday afternoon in hopes of an early exit on Saturday. Our hopes were in vain...
Cameron's little mess.
Friday flag ceremony.
Friday flag ceremony.
Part of the Friday theme.
With apologies to Brother Gray...but I will say the camp pulled pork was much better than any McRib sandwich I've ever had.
Zombie theme. Friday themes at this place tend to be a little weird...
Senior patrol leaders.
Some kinda eating contest.
Smashing "zombie brains".
Meadow adjacent to dining area.
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