Geneva Troop 5

Camp Freeland Leslie, June 2001

For summer camp, we went to Camp Freeland Leslie in Oxford, Wisconsin. Here are some photos from our week. You can click on some of the pictures to see high resolution copies.
Getting ready to enter the camp. Chris Phillips' pack is bigger than he is!
Scoutmaster Kevin Knight and Keith Murrell.
Anthony McCurdy.
Spencer Maynes.
Shane, Jeff, Keith, and Bryan await medical checks.
The Waterfront Director explains the aquatics rules prior to swin checks.
A view of the waterfront.
The lake is beautiful.
Self portrait.
The hill leading to/from the waterfront area is called Heart Attack Hill. I've hiked worse...
Kevin prepares Saturday dinner following his wife's instructions.
The boys play with the fire while the leaders do the work. Is this how it is supposed to be done?
Everyone cheerfully (?) puts on their uniforms prior to attending Sunday services.
Following Sunday services, the youth from four wards of the Naperville Stake of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
Awaiting the opening flag ceremony.
Some of the camp staff, assembled for the opening flag ceremony.
Old glory.
Retiring the flag.
Merit badge instruction began Monday morning. One of Anthony's merit badges was wilderness survival. One of the skills he learned was making fire with flint and steel. Here he blows an ember into a flame.
A view of our campsite.
Waiting for lunch.
Chris wore this t-shirt all week. By Saturday there was only a hint of yellow.
Spencer couldn't wait to get his hands on the snake I caught.
Lunch on the run.
Jared Tritsch.
On Thursday, Anthony built this shelter for his Wilderness Survival merit badge. He slept in it Thursday night, and returned early Friday morning to his tent. He was tired: I had to shake him at 9:10 to get him up for his other classes.
Kevin and I had work obligations mid-week, so Matthew Randall and Todd Maynes became substitute scoutmasters.
"Did you know that you have a bald spot right there?"
Jared Tritsch.
Joseph Larson.
Chris Phillips.
There were no mosquitos on Saturday, Sunday or Monday. Then they came out in force on Tuesday. Too bad by that time most of the boys had already burned their mosquito repellent despite repeated instructions from their leaders not to do so. Some suffered as a result...
Keith at the rifle range.
Open shoot at the archery range.
Spencer prepares to launch his rocket for the Space Exploration merit badge.
Uh-oh. Spencer's rocket returns to earth not in the same condition in which it left...
Tug of war: Michnick and McCurdy versus ...
... Bryan and Bishop Dave Badal.
We showed up at the flagpole for Friday dinner one hour early. So we ran some raises to burn off some energy.
The campwide theme for the week was the Wizard of Oz. It just didn't work, except for the Wicked Witch of the West who did an admirable job..
It seemed as though the Wizard of Oz theme was an excuse for some of the staff to experiment with cross-dressing.
The food made up for the entertainment. Chris enjoys some left over salad at the Friday night pig roast.
Keith, Bryan and Jeff.
Bishop Dave Badal and his son Bryan.
Self-portrait, take two. It may appear as though my badges are on backwards, but that's because this picture is my reflection in a car window.
Nature seen on the last day: a rabbit ...
... and a tree frog.
Packing up and picking up.
Say "Good bye" to Camp Freeland Leslie.
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