Geneva Troop 5

Camp Bear Paw
August 3-9, 2003

This is part 2. If you missed it, go here for part 1.
It wouldn't be a Troop 5 campout without another dutch oven masterpiece from scoutmaster Dale Blotter.
The old Oconto Fire Department bell is used to signal wakeup, call waiters, assembly, or (heaven forbid) fire.
Kirk Gray at the rifle range.
Chris Reynolds at the archery range.
Cheyne Heaton at the archery range.
Alexander sporting his new mocassins at the archery range.
Yours truly, hangin' out.
A shelter assmbled by some Wilderness Survival merit badge students. Add about 2 feet of leaves and you've got something.
John Barney making ice cream.
Cheyne takes a turn at cranking the ice cream.
Carlos' Wilderness Survival shelter(?) To his credit, he slept out alone.
The staff would try, sometimes in vain, to amuse us at each meal. Here, Elvis returns by popular demand.
Yours truly.
Noah Dunklee of Troop 370, Marquette, Michigan.
Zack Tritsch was worn out everyday due to Lifesaving merit badge.
Ian Blotter of Troop 370, Marquette, Michigan. (Ian is our scoutmaster's nephew.)
Tim said, "I saw a flash of flannel just before the orange juice went in my lap." But Ethan insists, "I didn't do it. I didn't do it. I didn't do it. I didn't do it......"
Carlos loves Environmental Science...
Scoutmaster Dale Blotter prods Zack...we're late for Lifesaving.
Dale spent much of the week helping Zack with Lifesaving.
Lifesaving is an intimidating merit badge for the hearing. Zack is deaf, but was undaunted.
Zack attempts to rescue Robert Blotter (Dale's brother and scoutmaster of Troop 370.)
Zack brings Robert back to the dock.
You know you're back when your head hits the dock.
The boat house.
Ethan tests for rowing merit badge.
Noah and Tim of Troop 370.
Robbie Blotter tests for rowing merit badge.
When you are out appreciating nature, don't forget to look up. Blue skies against green trees and fluffly clouds: a gift from God.
Chris ask me, "How come every picture you have of me is when I am eating?"
Alexander enjoys the chocolate cake on Friday night.
Tim Reynolds and son Chris (not eating.)
This message from Zack says it all: "If I could handle lifesaving, nothing can stop me from being Eagle Scout. (signed) Zack"

Way to go Zack! And kudos to scoutmaster Dale Blotter.

Tim Thieding of Troop 370 attempts the Big Splash.
During the water carnival / relay race, the row boats return to the swimmers.
Meanwhile, our canoe team seems to have gone off course!
Troops 5 and 370. (Front) Cheyne Heaton, Robbie Blotter, Chris Reynolds, Jeff Stevens, Noah Dunklee, Jeremy Dunklee, John Barney, Zack Tritsch, Alexander, Carlos Osario (Back) Kirk Gray, Ian Blotter, Bill Qualls, Tim Thieding, Robert Blotter, Dale Blotter, Rob Stevens.
The leaders: Tim Reynolds, Bill Qualls, Robert Blotter, Tim Thieding, Dale Blotter, and Rob Stevens.
Two outstanding scoutmasters: the brothers Blotter. Dad must be smiling.
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