Squaw Peak
July 24, 2004

This was my second hike today (I hiked Camelback Mountain earlier today.) I hiked the Circumference Trail (3.74 miles) which goes completely around Squaw Peak. When the Circumference Trail met the Summit Trail, I took a side trip to the top of the peak (about 1 mile roundtrip.) This is hike #3 and hike #5 in Stewart Green's book. I began this hike at 1:30pm. It was hot: when I got back to the car, the thermometer in the picnic shelter read 106 degrees!

Post script: On February 25, 2004 the Phoenix Parks and Recreation Board voted to rename Squaw Peak as Piestewa Peak, and the Circumference Trail as the Freedom Trail.

To reach the trailhead from Scottsdale, go west on Lincoln Drive, then north on Squaw Peak Parkway. The Circumference Trail begins at Navajo Ramada. It is trail #302. A view from the trail.
The Circumference Trail is great. It is uncrowded (there were no other hikers on this trail) and the only sign of civilization is the commercial aircraft flying overhead as they leave Phoenix's Sky Harbor airport.
On the Circumference Trail. Lots of barrel cacti and saguaro.
On the Circumference Trail.
On the Circumference Trail. Very rugged rock formations.
On the Summit trail. View of the parking lot where I started.
Jagged rock formations at the summit. Whereas Camelback Mountain has a large flat area at the summit which invites you to linger, Squaw Peak does not.
Camelback Mountain from Squaw Peak.
Looking down at the Circumference Trail from the peak.
Me on Squaw Peak with Camelback Mountain in the background.
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