Camelback Mountain via Cholla Trail
July 24, 2004

This was my first Phoenix hike. I hiked the Cholla Trail to Camelback Mountain. This is hike #2 in Stewart Green's book. Round trip distance 3.5 miles, 1300 feet elevation gain.
To reach the trailhead from Scottsdale, go west on McDonald Drive, south on InverGordon Road to East Cholla Lane.
The trail starts out with paved steps, but that doesn't last long.
Early morning view towards Scottsdale.
View towards the Phoenician Resort, Papago Park and beyond.
Looking down upon the Phoenician Resort.
View from the trail.
View from the trail.
Hikers on the summit.
View from the trail.
Other hikers return to their cars on the other side of the mountain via the Echo Canyon trail.

Go here to see photos of my hike on the Echo Canyon Trail.

Me on the summit, with downtown Phoenix in the background.
A roadrunner was on the summit.
The roadrunner snatched a large bug out of mid-air.
Looking back towards the saddle from the summit.
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