Camelback Mountain via Echo Canyon
July 29, 2004

This evening I hiked the Echo Canyon Trail to Camelback Mountain. This is hike #1 in Stewart Green's book. Round trip distance 2.3 miles, 1300 feet elevation gain.
To reach the trailhead from Scottsdale, go west on McDonald Drive, south on Echo Canyon Parkway to trailhead. This trail is very popular; I've read that parking can be a problem. But not on this Wednesday evening in July, with temperature of 104 degrees!
The trail is landscaped for a very short distance.
Camelback Mountain comes into view after reaching a small saddle at about 1/4 mile.
There are two stretches which are very, very steep. Footing can be slippery so hand rails are provided.
More hand rails.
After the hand rails, the boulder-filled canyons. Like walking up tall, rough, uneven steps from here to the top!
Pause at a small saddle.
Same view for those who would prefer it without me.
Still more boulders.
View towards Scottsdale.
View towards downtown Phoenix.
The descent. At my age, I find going down boulder fields to be much more difficult than going up: my knees and my depth perception aren't what they used to be!
One final look back to Camelback Mountain.

Go here to see Camelback Mountain via the Cholla Trail.

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