Shaw Butte
July 27, 2004

Today is Tuesday. After work I hiked the Shaw Butte Trail. This is hike #10 in Stewart Green's book. Just like last night, the weather was very threatening, with lightning in the distance, but other than a strong wind, I was not affected by it.

To reach the trailhead from Scottsdale, go west on Bell Road (aka Frank Lloyd Wright Drive), then south on 7th Street, then west on Thunderbird Road, then south on Central Avenue to the trailhead.

Follow the road 1.3 miles uphill to the peak.
View of Shaw Butte from the northeast. There are many antennas on the peak: it isn't at all as inviting as Camelback or Lookout mountains. The only nice thing about it is that it is road all the way to the top (no scrambling up or down boulders) making it a good destination for the person looking to take an invigorating evening walk.
Very threatening weather with lightning in the distance. Like last night all over again. I was tempted to take the road back to the car rather than continue on the loop, but decided to go for it. The wind was fierce on the peak, but this storm's bark was worse than its bite.
Looking down from the peak to the trail far below on the south side.
Approaching a saddle where I will turn left.
Trail just below the site of the old Cloud Nine restaurant. Too many trails, too few trail signs. I couldn't get lost, but it is frustrating...
Looking back up Shaw Butte from the south side.
Squaw Peak in the distance.
Whereas the trails to the peaks tend to be crowded, these loop trails provide plenty of solitude.
View from the trail.
North Mountain.
Lookout Mountain
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