1978 Ahwahnee Survival Camp
Original Schedule


  1. Staff will greet scouts at main camp. Staff uniform will be fatigues, dark green scout shirt, neckerchief, and boots.
  2. Upon arrival (about 2:00pm) the scouts are greeted and informed they may wish to start carving their spoons while they wait for the others to arrive.
  3. After everyone has arrived the scouts have their medical recheck.
  4. Upon arrival at the Wilderness area, scouts will turn in their resource sheets to the director. They will also weigh in and turn in to the staff their extra change of clothes (to be returned Saturday morning.) They will also be told what to do in case of fire.
  5. The scouts will then be taken to the hogan area where they will divide themselves into 4 "parties" of 5. Each party will then be assigned to an area and they will build their shelters.
  6. One of the staff divides up the food for dinner. One member of the staff will be assigned to each party for dinner each night. Assignments will rotate. The staff will bring a food item with them to each meal, such as a potato or cup of flour.
  7. Tonight's meal will be a one-pot stew. The staff will demonstrate to the cooking group to which he is assigned how to start a fire with a battery and steel wool (in particular, a 2-A cell mallory flashlight and 0000 fine steel wool.) Scouts start their own fire and cook their own meal.
  8. Each of the staff hands out the handbook to each of the scouts he is assigned to. As each starts a fire with the battery and steel wool, this part of the skill awards section is signed off - "reenforce the positive".
  9. Following dinner the course director should make an effort to go over the resource sheet with each of the scouts and attempt to find out what he would like to get out of this course.
  10. In the evening there is an informal, get-to-know-each-other, answer-any-questions campfire.


  1. No breakfast Monday morning.
  2. Early morning instruction at skills area on setting up piute and figure-4 deadfall traps and twitch-up snares.
  3. Each party is given a compass course to follow. This represents a guided discovery in compass use. All four courses are different but all lead to the same point.
  4. At the end of the course the scouts will meet the staff with the rabbits, which have their feet tied as if snared. The scouts are taught how to skin the rabbits.
  5. Hides are stretched out immediately. (Scouts should write their name on their piece of wood.>
  6. Back at the skills area the scouts are instructed on how to make jerky and tan and scrape the hides. (This is done throughout the day.)
  7. Scouts are given food for an indefinite period of time. They may use it individually, as a group, or put an equal part of it together.
  8. In the afternoon the scouts are issued flint and steel kits. They are instructed on how to prepare charred cloth, make a tinder nest, and start a flint and steel fire.
  9. Throughout the remainder of the day the scouts are assisted in tanning hides, making jerly, and starting flint and steel fires.
  10. At night the scouts see the film "By Nature's Rules" and receive detailed instruction on Hypothermia.


  1. After breakfast the scouts will meet in the skills area and finish tanning the rabbit hides.
  2. Morning instruction will include how to start a fire by friction, how to make a fire bundle, and how to make a sewing awl using a number 18 sewing machine needle.
  3. Afternoon instruction will include chipping arrowheads (or stone knives), making a pitch stick, and mounting a stone knife.
  4. Scouts should be finishing the possible bags throughout the afternoon, using dental floss and their hand-made sewing awl for stitching, and leather for the shoulder strap. The brands, which are awarded upon completion of the individual skill awards, will be made on the shoulder straps.


  1. The morning will be spent passing off the skill awards.
  2. Instruction will include solar stills, water purification, and any other item the scouts have questions about.
  3. Afternoon instruction will include first aid carries.
  4. The majority of the afternoon will be spent on a "confidence course".
  5. The evening will include the film "The Thermal Wilderness" and instruction on dehydration.


  1. We will get up early and take a 20 mile hike. The scouts will only be allowed to bring their coat, a canteen, and whatever they can fit in their possible bags.
  2. During the hike will be a guided discovery in orienteering.
  3. During the hike the scouts will have the opportunity to learn about any of the plants they haven't already had the opportunity to see.
  4. The scouts will spend the night alone, separated from each other, on a solo experience.


  1. After picking up the scouts from solo, the morning will be spent rappeling.
  2. Back at the Wilderness camp, the scouts will each clean one chicken.
  3. While members of the staff cook the chicken, the scouts will learn to use a sweat lodge.
  4. Dinner will be a chicken feast, with everone eating together.
  5. During the evening our trading post will be open and will offer camp souvenirs.
  6. Each scout will be asked to complete a closing evaluation.
  7. We will have a closing ceremony welcoming each of the scouts into the Tribe of Ahwahnee Mountain Man.


  1. Scouts up early to disassemble shelters and pack up.
  2. Milk and leftovers for breakfast.
  3. Scouts take a long distance run - at least 4 miles.
  4. Saturday morning swim at pool in the main camp. Weigh in.
  5. Awards presentation at 10:00 with the main camp.

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