1978 Ahwahnee Survival Camp
Skill Awards


  1. Build a piute or figure-4 deadfall trap and demonstrate how it works.
  2. Properly skin a rabbit. Then:
    • Using the brain, tan the hide.
    • Make a primitive possible-bag using the skin of the rabbit.
    • Preserve some of the meat by making jerky.
  3. Make a stone knife.

Fire Building

  1. Build a fire using flint and steel.
  2. Build a fire by friction.
  3. Build a fire using batteries and steel wool.
  4. Show that you can "store" a fire for at least 2 hours by using a fire bundle.


  1. Complete a 20-mile hike.


  1. Tie the following knots:
    • figure 8 loop
    • bowline on a clove
  2. Identify the following equipment and tell how each works:
    • carabiner
    • brake bar
    • figure 8 descender
  3. Rappel a distance of at least 50 feet.


  1. To the satisfaction of one of the staff explain what you would do if you got lost.
  2. Build a shelter using only natural materials.
  3. Spend a night alone in a shelter of your own making.
  4. Tell 5 different ways of attracting attention when lost.
  5. Give the 10 ground to air emergency code symbols from memory.
  6. Give the following:
    • distress signal
    • distress signal answer
    • international distress signal
  7. Show that you can find direction without a compass by using:
    • the north star
    • a watch dial and the sun
    • the shadow-stick method

Edible Plants

  1. Collect, identify, and tell how to prepare 10 different edible plants.

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