Christopher Nyerges' Survival Walk

April 21, 2001 at Pasadena

Christopher had a large group this time. Here he shows wild radish. (I don't remember the name of the place - it's adjacent to a golf course.)
Father Mike (Huntington Beach) samples wild radish.
Thayne Young (Simi Valley) shows wild radish. It is a member of the mustard family so each flower has 4 petals. The petals are white and violet. The radish resembles pea pods in appearance.
Elderberry flowers are sometimes dipped in pancake batter and fried.
The peeled stalk of thistle is good to eat.
Four "Hoodlums": Bill, Dude, Fr. Mike, and Thayne.

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Dude helps prepare the salad. "For this I bought a Busse?"
In addition to the usual firemaking instruction and practice, Christopher demonstrates simple simple weaving.

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