St. Charles Park District Stream Walk

July 21, 2001

Here are pictures from the Stream Walk hosted by St. Charles (Illinois) Park District. This walk was in the vicinity of and THROUGH Otter Creek, on Crane Road between Bolcum and Silver Glen.
Emma with Park District Naturalist Renae Frigo.
We followed the nature trail to the creek.
A view of the (restored) wetlands.
Along the boardwalk to the creek.
It's hot today! Everybody takes a drink of water.
A view of Otter Creek still undisturbed.
Everyone proceeds cautiously at first. Note how clean everyone's cloths are...but not for long!
Before long they're getting into it!
Emma and Rebecca are in deeper than expected!
Now we'll head upstream.
Rebecca picked up this mussel shell and found a crayfish inside!
"Hey Renae, what's this?"
This frog "squeaked".
I think the girls have forgotten why we're here!
Rebecca enjoys the cool water.
Emma leads the group through the prairie back to the nature trail.
The "after" picture. The kids are soaked! Front: Rebecca, Daniel, Emma. Back: Shari, Michael, Renae.
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