Somewhere in Wisconsin

BY: ME!!!!

Usually my dad makes these web pages but i thought "hey it's my web page shouldn't I make it!" And my dad said "yeah sure knock yourself out!" So I am the Queen of this Dominion!!! WHA WHO! We were going up to wisconsin to a place my dad had been to 14 years ago (as he told me a MILLION times). We would tell you the location but it's our little seacret. My sister, Cora was going to be going with us but she's "too busy". OH and you can click on any pic to get a bigger 1! and click your back botton once you are done or else you will lose this webpage!

ME!! Emma(11) And Daddy (Bill 44)

This is me and my Padre (daddy :P) in our driveway i thought the canoe looked kinda funny on dad's saturn but hey wad' ya going to do!
This is a place called Wolf River. It is quite popular to go rafting in, but we only had time to stop for a peek!
I got to stand pretty close to the river but it was really shallow and i didn't want to get wet so I just stood on the bridge. There was a 4-wheeler going by and it had no licence plate we thought it was weird but then we realized we were in the Menomonee (?) Indian Reservation. (wasn't a pretty site).
Dad was being "BUFF" he hauled a canoe in half a mile in just to get to our camp site. It was quite remarkable that he could carry that 70lb canoe in. Hey I should get a little bit of credit i took it on and off the car!
We went in the canoe quite a lot we saw a foot long bass and we wanted to catch it so I went out and started fishin'
Ah so beautiful! This is our part of the lake. Hmmmm something is missing click to see the answer! You win! It's me! (dad's saying of it)
That night i just had to roast marshmellows but you have to burn them or else they just aren't right!
But of corse you must roast in style!
It was hard to sleep that night but once i got to sleep i was asleep! You are probably wondering about my teddy he's Pudgy (that's his name) he has gone on hikes before and as you can tell he is really old
That morning we had a really good breakfeast and dad was really sweating so he has his really cute boy scout bandana on. :)
I was thinking of a quote from the simpsons so here i go: the food there is so UHHHHHHHHHHH :P. Hmm let's see what's the english translation to UHHHHHHHHHHH hmmmmmm... TRANCENDENT! sorry lisa that's called breakfeast! :D
I liked that breakfeast that morning. I already look terrible though.
when we wanted to go fishing we found a grasshopper patch we resoted to catching them. Dad wanted to eat some but i told him not too. How we cought them is we put a Bug net and tied it to a piece of willow click to see entire net.
We went to the beach about a mile away. The lake we were staying at had really big turtles (you will see one soon) so i reafused to swim there (they were snapping turtles)
I LOVED the water
Once we got back we found a snake i didn't want to hold it but dad said to impress Karen I had to so there's no getting out of that click to see me holding it.
Just me in the canoe nothing big!
To our surprise there were a lot of people there one night this group happened to be from highland park.
We weren't hungry at all for a few nights but then agaoin if i didn't eat i would be starving in te morning so i just had ramen (yum yum good soup)
I looked so terrible. that was a meal and i think it was brakfeast because of my hair it was so humid i didn't sleep!
We had brought bannok this trip and we had brought wa to much food but this was soooooooo good :)
it was really cold that day and we knew it was going to rain!!
This was a family and their cousins and they came to visit us we ended up running into them on our way out too
Remember how i told you about evil snapping turtles. This is Joe. Joe boped this snapping turtle on the head and grabbed its tail! Just so you know Joe is 12!!!!! this turtle wanted to eat him his mouth is open!!!
We got stormed on we were stuck in the tent for 3 hours!!! i hate thunder storms so I was freaked out!
Dad on his first cast stop reeling for a second and made his bate look like a wounded minoe and all of the bass came running after it so he got this on his first cast!
This was our bathroom I refused to use it it was an open porter poty!! :P gross
We left because of the humidity we left a day early so we packed up and drove through a humongus thunderstom. AHHHHHHH!!!!! :-O Well until next time. BUH BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Copyright © 2001 by Emma Qualls.
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