Vacation 2009 - Part 8

May 11, 2009

This is part 8 of my 2009 vacation. My daughters, my son-in-law, and my granddaughters have arrived in southern California. So we're off to Disneyland, with my niece Jessica and her boyfriend Jose!

Grandma Dee makes the best breakfasts! [01]

My dear mother. [02]

My sister Ida is a most gracious host. [03]

Me with my granddaughter Kamina. [04]

Me with my granddaughter Kamina. [05]

My daughters Hannah, Emma, and Cora. [06]

My son-in-law Peter and my granddaughter Raelani. [07]

"I love Cruella DeVille!" [08]

Hannah's role model. [09]

"Have a wretched day." [10]

My daughter Emma. [11]

Left to right: Peter, Raelani, Cora, Kamina, Emma, Bill, Hannah. [12]

Cora and Peter. [13]

Peter and Raelani. [14]

Niece Jessica and her boyfriend Jose. [15]

Kamina and Cora. [16]

Hannah, Emma, Cora, Kamina, Raelani, Peter. [17]

Kamina, Peter, Raelani, Cora. [18]

Hannah, Emma. [19]

Kamina, Peter. [20]

Hannah. [21]

Cora, Peter, Raelani. [22]

Jose and Jessica. [23]

Hannah, Emma, Kamina. [24]

Emma, Kamina. [25]

Kamina. [26]

Hannah, Emma. [27]

Kamina, Emma. [28]

Hannah. [29]

Cora, Hannah, Jose. [30]

Emma, Kamina, Bill. [31]

Jessica, Emma. [32]

Cora and Peter. [33]

Cora and Kamina. [34]

Kamina and Hannah. [35]

Emma in Mickey's house. [36]

Hannah in Mickey's house. [37]

Cora in Mickey's house. [38]

Cora and Kamina in Mickey's house. [39]

Hannah in Mickey's house. [40]

Jose, Jessica, Kamina, Cora, Mickey, Bill, Peter, Raelani, Hannah, Emma. [41]

"Granddaughter grabbing Mickey's nose: Priceless." [42]

Hannah, Cora, Raelani. [43]

Peter, Cora. [44]

Kamina, Emma. [45]

Jose, Jessica. [46]

My sister Ida made lunch for all of us, and it was delivered by my nephew Manuel after he got out of school. Ida still calls me "Billy". [47]

Peter, Raelani, Cora, Kamina. [48]

Kamina. [49]

Cora and Sully. [50]

Kamina and Cora. [51]

I think Kamina's favorite thing was the sprinkler in Bug Land. [52]

Kamina. [53]

Cora and Kamina. Cora is a great mom. [54]

Kamina. [55]

Cora and Kamina. [56]

Cora and Kamina. [57]

Kamina. [58]

Peter and Raelani. [59]

Peter and his girls. Peter is a great dad. [60]

Cora and Kamina. [61]

Kamina loves ducks. [62]

Raelani and Peter, at the happiest place on Earth. [63]

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