Vacation 2009 - Part 11

May 15-16, 2009

This is part 11 of my 2009 vacation. On Friday May 15, 2009, five other Hoodlums joined me at Gould Mesa for the first-ever "Dirt Night".

dirt night  1. a slumber party for grownups, usually involving fire, sharp pointy objects, liquid refreshment, and talk around the aforementioned fire.   2. an abbreviated form of dirt time.

Father Mike was unable to stay for the evening, so he came in for a day hike. He returned to Altadena Road just as I arrived. We had a nice, long talk. Thanks Father Mike! It is always a pleasure to be in your company. [01]

The view from the end of Altadena Road belies the beauty to come. [02]

Not knowing he would see me back at the car, Father Mike had left this note. [03]

Rugged canyon wall opposite the Gould Mesa campground. [04]

Ryan (supersockmonkey) and Jason (concentric) arrived about an hour after me. [05]

The stream had been stocked the day before, so we decided to do some fishing. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to try out the survival fishing kit I had received at Dirttime last summer. [06]

The contents of the survival fishing kit. [07]

A list of the contents of the survival fishing kit. [08]

I was here yesterday, and a fisherman gave me a small bottle of salmon eggs, with about a dozen eggs left. [09]

Jason fishing at the swimming hole. Lots of bites, but no luck landing one. He thought perhaps the hook he was using was too small. [11]

The creek above the swimming hole. [10]

About five minutes after Jason gave up, I caught this one. Ron Hood once told me, "Every once in a while, a man has to kill something and eat it to stay a man." So I took his advice.... [12]

Ryan donated a seasoning packet from an MRE. I gutted the fish and threw it on the grill. [13]

It was delicious! And not much left. [14]

No bears were seen. [15]

Ryan to his sleeping pad: "Self-inflating, my ass!" [16]

Jose (aka Garith). [17]

Rob (aka Rob6) and his delightful daughter Alexis. [18]

Paul Campbell. [19]

Rob and Alexis. [20]

Rob. [21]

Jason. [22]

Ryan. [23]

Alexis and her daddy. [24]

Jason, Jose and Paul. [26]

Jason. [27]

Jose. [28]

Ryan and Rob. [29]

Talking into the wee hours. It was a delightful evening with comfortable temperatures and no mosquitos. [25]

Good morning Paul. [30]

Good morning Ryan. [31]

Good morning Jose. [32]

A nasty surprise in the bottom of my cup. [33]

Rob and Alexis. [34]

Jose, Alexis, Rob, Paul, Ryan, Jason, and Bill. [35]

It was a delightful walk out: I hated to leave. [36]

A delightful walk out. [37]

A delightful walk out. [38]

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