Vacation 2009 - Part 10

May 14, 2009

This is part 10 of my 2009 vacation. Today we hiked to Gould Mesa. We took a lunch with us and spent several pleasant hours there before hiking back to the car.

Hannah, Kamina, Cora, Peter, Raelani. [01]

Peter, Raelani, Hannah, Kamina, Cora. [02]

Bill, Hannah, Kamina, Cora, Peter, Raelani, Emma. [03]

Emma. [04]

Peter, Raelani, Kamina, Cora. [05]

Peter, Raelani. [06]

Kamina. [07]

Kamina, Cora. [08]

Kamina. [09]

Cora, Emma. [10]

Emma at Gould Mesa. [11]

Cora, Kamina, Hannah, Peter, Raelani at Gould Mesa. [12]

Kamina, Peter at Gould Mesa. [13]

Hannah and Raelani at Gould Mesa. [14]

Bill swimming at Gould Mesa. [15]

Peter and Kamina at Gould Mesa. [16]

Raelani fell asleep. [17]

Fishing with my survival kit. [18]

They stocked the stream this morning! [19]

Sandwich scraps for bait. [20]

Got one! [21]

By the way...I tested my SPOT transmitter at Gould Mesa. It worked. Here's the message:

Bill Qualls check in OK. All is well. No worries. 
ESN:0-7380190  Latitude:34.2217  Longitude:-118.178 
Nearest Location:not known  Distance:not known  Time:05/14/2009 16:38:45 (US/Central),-118.178&ie=UTF8&z=12&om=1

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