YMYW Fall Social and Hayride

Stayley Home
September 3, 2003

This fall's social was a campfire and hayride at the Staley home. Great weather, great friends.
Natalie and Hannah
Emma and Nea
A beautiful evening
Br. Deem speaks...
...while others listen.
Natalie, Hannah, Marie, Holly
Br. Staley talks about the farm
Elaine, Sarah, and Amy.
Br. Staley
Joseph and Marie
Hannah, Joseph, Marie, and Natalie
Br. Blotter
Stacee, David, Shane, Ryan, Rachel, Noah
Shane, Ryan, Stacee, Rachel, Noah
Hayride. Sit down Carlos.
Hayride. Hi Rachel.
Hayride. Emma and Nea.
Hayride. Into the corn fields...
Sarah and Amy.
Dale and Brittney...and s'mores.
Dale and Brittney...and s'mores.
Dale and Brittney...gangsta'
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