Geneva Troop 5

Fox Valley District Winterall
LeRoy Oaks Forest Preserve, Feb 6-7, 2004

Our February activity was to attend the district Winterall at LeRoy Oaks Forest Preserve. Here are a view pictures from that event. (I apologize in advance to those parents whose boys are not shown here. Each of the adult leaders went with a patrol. If your son isn't shown here, he was probably in the other patrol!)
Scoutmaster Dale Blotter.
Dave Reynolds finds the derby sled is the closest thing to a recliner.
We all brought our own foil dinners. Ben Amato brought three hot dogs. Yum.
Chris Reynolds says, "Wait! Wait! Don't take my picture yet!"
"Now take my picture!"
Coleman lantern does double duty as a hand warmer.
Hot cocoa is required on every campout if you want Br. Qualls to attend.
"Hey, that hamburger looks a lot better than my hot dogs."
David and Chris Reynolds
Have spoon, will camp.
John Barney faces the new day with a smile.
There was 6-8 inches of snow cover. Only one other troop camped out.
"My body is a temple..."
"Thanks for the cookies, Sister Qualls." (She made me promise I would share...)
Flag ceremony.
Jeff, Cody (back), Ben, Chris, and Matt.
Objective: Given 5 poles and a tarp, build a shelter big enough for your patrol.
He can wrap and he can frap, but can he tie a clove hitch? (Anwer: yes)
The finished result.
Objective: Build a fire tall enough to burn through the string.
With sparking rod, cotton ball, vaseline, and fatwood we cannot fail.
Almost there...
Jeff mixes pudding in a bag for the dessert cooking contest.
Ross Devault and his mother Karyn.
Brownie pudding cake bakes in the dutch oven.
Meanwhile, David finds his happy place.
Not quite done...
The peach cobbler looks good. (How were we to know that one of the judges didn't like peaches?)
Snow snake throw is more difficult than it looks.
Getting ready for the klondike sled race.
Ready for the race that never was. We somehow missed the scout sled race. Never heard it, never saw it. We're still confused...
Is Rob smiling because he just got a job with SAS?
...or is Rob smiling because these fine young men are his?
Having grown up in southern California, I can never get used to the size of the campfires they build here in the midwest!
Ben, Robert, and Matt pick up our fourth place ribbon.
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