Geneva Troop 5

Fox Valley District Winterall
LeRoy Oaks Forest Preserve, Jan 31 - Feb 1, 2003

Our February activity was to attend the district Winterall at LeRoy Oaks Forest Preserve. Here are a view pictures from that event.
Foil dinners made for quick cleanup.
Scoutmaster Dale Blotter passes the foil dinners to Nick Del Muro and Cameron Seay (this was the first campout for both boys.)
Cheyne Heaton dressed in the latest Russian military surplus. It was Cheyne's first campout also. Evening temperature was around 20 F.
Nick Del Muro.
Yours truly. I enjoyed hot chocolate from the thermos my daughter Cora bought me for Christmas.
Joseph Larson. His first campout with braces. Lookin' good, Joseph!
Zach Tritsch made an easy chair out of a snow ball. Brrrr!
Crazy Zach in his chair.
The better looking half of the Winterall staff.
Preparing to make dessert for the cooking contest.
Chocolate pudding cake with marshmallows.
Premeasured ingredients in plastic bags makes for easy work. The cake was good. Nice job, Dale.
Unknown scout - not one of ours - tries in vain to dry socks and boots. A note to moms: don't send your boys out on a winter outing with cotton socks and poor boots.
Dale Blotter is in the sled for the traditional sled race. Joseph Larson and Kirk Gray strategize.
And they're off!
We didn't do so well in this race. That's us rounding a tree in last place.
We had better luck in subsequent heats. When it was all said and done, we got a ribbon for third place.
Chris Reynolds and Robbie Blotter.
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