Geneva Troop 5

Fox Valley District Winterall
LeRoy Oaks Forest Preserve, February 1-2, 2002

Our February activity was to attend the district Winterall at LeRoy Oaks Forest Preserve. Here's some photos of that event. You can click on any picture to see a high resolution image. Click the Back button to return to this page.
We were one of only three troops to campout Friday night. I don't have any pictures from Friday as I didn't arrive until 11pm. It was a cold night! My thermometer read 18°F inside the tent at about 5am. Everyone was anxious to warm up. Here Carlos, Zach, and Jared enjoy the fire.
Breakfast consisted of pancakes, bacon, and hot chocolate. I think I have a picture of Scoutmaster Dale Blotter cooking on every outing! He was warm at night: he used three sleeping bags!
Elliot Adkins makes pancakes.
Meanwhile, Carlos warms himself near the fire.
It takes a lot of pancakes to feed ten cold and hungry boys and four cold and hungry men. Mark Russell takes his turn at making pancakes. Mark - like me - is a native of Southern California. Neither of us is amused by the cold!
When it's this cold, this is how I prefer my pancakes served!
Elliot uses a more conventional means to warm his hands.
One last huddle around the fire before we begin the scoutcraft events.
As the sun rose, it cast a beautiful light on the frost which had settled on the trees.
Another shot of the frost covered landscape. Very pretty.
As we proceeded to the competition, we saw this mouse scurrying through the snow. Spencer holds the mouse as Chris looks on.
One of the events was a sled race through the woods.
This was a fun event requiring communication and cooperation. Use the ropes to move the bucket from the center of the square to top of each corner bucket, and back to the center.
I think every Klondike Derby includes the classic fire building/string burning contest. Our boys started their fires using a sparking rod with cotton balls dipped in vaseline.
Cub Scouts were invited to spend the day at the Winterall and compete in age-appropriate activities. Here's some cubs from the pack sponsored by our church, and their leaders Stacee and Suse.
Several of the activities were held adjacent to this creek. It was very pretty.
Another view of the creek.
The final event was the Klondike sled race.
It wouldn't be a BSA outing without a large fire. At this awards ceremony our troop received a ribbon for fourth place in the Boy Scout competitions.
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