Konie Eagle Court of Honor

April 28, 2002

Jeanne Bernhardt and Eric Benson.
Scoutmaster Dale Blotter.
SPL Shane Seay leads the flag ceremony.
A nice turnout.
Sit down Jim Stewart. :)
Tom, Gey, David, and Suse Konie.
Bill Hall talks about Tom and David.
Dave, Peggy, and Bryan Badal and others.
Ron and Marie Ziegler, Reid and Kathy Bates, Richard Vance.
Anne Adele Coleman.
Robbie Blotter and Elliott Adkins. Future Eagles?
Mom pins the Eagle badge on Tom.
Mom pins the Eagle badge on David.
Dad presents certificates and letters to his sons.
Mike Robinson and Tom (Jack) Sullivan.
Mayor of City of Batavia congratulates Konie family.
Today is officially David Konie Day.
Today is also officially Tom Konie Day.
Wouldn't be an LDS function without lots of food!
Congratulations, Tom.
Congratulations, David.
Photos by Bill Qualls.
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