Geneva Troop 5

Illinois and Michigan Canal
Preview of Gebhard Woods, March 8, 2003

Our March activity will be a hike along the Illinois and Michigan Canal from Morris, Illinois to Gebhard Woods State Park. Here is a preview of what to expect.
First...a history lesson.
The bridge at Illinois and Liberty streets in Morris, one block west of Route 47. This is where we will begin our hike. From here it is one mile to Gebhard Woods State Park.
Large footbridge over the canal, about one quarter mile from Illinois and Liberty streets.
Another view of the bridge. Pretty cool.
Gears on an old lift which is used to release water from the canal.
The canal actually goes over this creek!
The IM canal. Looking west from Gebhard Woods.
The IM canal. Looking east from Gebhard Woods.
At Gebhard Woods State Park. Tent camping only, about one quarter mile from the State Park parking lot.
There is a small three-sided cabin with a fireplace.
Close-up of the fireplace.
Not exactly wilderness. There are homes near the camping area, but they are on the other side of a creek.
Back side of the cabin.
A larger fireplace. A hundred yards or so from the cabin. Has pot hooks hanging inside.
Heard of these folks?
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