Geneva Troop 5

Summer Camp at Camp Hiawatha, Michigan, July 2002

I was only at camp for a few days, and we had some bad weather twice so there are only a few pictures.
On Tuesday I decided to shake things up a little bit by frying up some grasshoppers.
The finished product.
Bryon Badal was the first to try one.
No hesitation from Joseph Larson.
Jason Michnick hesitated but went ahead.
Elliot says "I just can't do it!" Maybe next summer, Elliot.
Bill Qualls. Yum! Would you send your youth into the wilderness with this man?
Elliot Adkins. A good scouter and a good friend.
Chris Phillips, Elliot Jr, Elliot Sr, Joseph Larson in the Handicraft Pavillion.
Scoutmaster Dale Blotter's birthday cake courtesy his wife Cindy and the camp kitchen staff.
Birthday cake.
Carlos, Charles, and Spencer do the dishes.
Spencer spills pudding on his sleeping bag. Waste not, want not.
Dale Blotter throws a knife.
Steve Homer throws a knife.
Elliot Adkins.
More threatening weather. Wasn't as bad as we expected: the 50 mph winds did not materialize.
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