Geneva Troop 5

Hampshire Forest Preserve
April 18-19, 2003

Our April activity was a campout at Hampshire Forest Preserve. Weather was threatening: but for a very brief - and very loud - thunderstorm in the middle of the night, nothing materialized. We cooked dinner Friday night, the highlight of which was monkey bread for dessert. Saturday morning we cooked breakfast, then practiced knots and lashings before heading home.
Scoutmaster Dale Blotter and his son Robbie set up their tent.
Deacons' Quorum Advisor Rob Stevens and his son Jeff set up their tent. This was Rob's first campout with our troop. Welcome, Rob!
Zach Tritsch and Jeff Stevens look on as Robbie Blotter cooks hamburgers.
No, not that one!
Zach doing what Zach does on campouts...
More dutch oven madness, courtesy our Scoutmaster.
Monkey bread, from one who knows.
Have shovel, will cook.
Almost done. Yummy,
Leaves proved a major distraction for such short attention spans.
Raining leaves.
Wait! Jeff lost his glasses...again.
Our campsite, none the worse for the very brief but very loud thunderstorm last night.
Robbie cooks the pancakes...
...while Jeff cooks the sausage.
Zach wouldn't wake up until long after breakfast.
Robbie practices square lashing. Remember: clove hitch, three wraps, two fraps, clove hitch.
A shear lashing provided the support for this make-shift emergency shelter.
Up periscope.
Say goodbye, Jeff.
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