Geneva Troop 5

Preview of Camp Big Timber
Elgin, Illinois, March 28, 2003

I took these photos while checking out Three Fires Council's Camp Big Timber in Elgin.
Three teepees can be reserved for camping.
Each teepee is about 30 feet high. There is a fire pit inside each one. Note: No wind protection.
This tree house can also be reserved for camping. It is NOT very close to a latrine.
"Trails End" is the most remote area of the camp. About a half mile walk from the parking lot, it's the closest thing they have to a backpack site. There is a latrine here.
This used to be a lake! It was called "The Gitch". I don't know where that name came from. I don't know why they drained the lake. (Post script, November 2003, I just found out they drain the lake every year!)
Empty lake. You can see the old dam. Deepest point was probably eight feet.
Old boat dock.
Obstacle course.
There was a very nice pool here when I attended Webelos Resident Camp with my son eleven years ago!
This was the BB gun shooting range.
The old red flag meaning "the range is open" is still here!
The old "emergency bell" is still here.
Tent cabins used by camp staff when this was a resident camp. Like walking through a ghost town. Brought back lots of neat memories of the summers I spent in similar quarters!
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