Geneva Troop 5

Blackhawk Forest Preserve, December 2003

Weekend campout at Blackhawk Forest Preserve, Route 31, South Elgin. Friday, December 19th to Saturday, December 20th. Our third year in a row!
Cameron Seay with a hatchet. Is this a good idea? Ben Amato's not so sure.
Cooking up the biscuits.
It's burnt, but I'll eat anything.
Apple cobbler, ready-to-serve.
We slept in this cabin, after evicting the mice.
In 1832, soldiers marching West from Fort Dearborn (Chicago) to fight in the Blackhawk War camped just few hundred yards from our campsite. Two of them died and were buried here. Try as we might, the leaders could not spook the boys about ghosts near our campsite. Kids these days are used to scarier things.
The marker in daytime.
Sometime recently, the actual burial sites were located and marked with this second marker, about 60 feet from the original. It says, "ON THIS HOLLOWED GROUND IS THE RESTING PLACE OF TWO SOLDIERS OF GENERAL WINFIELD SCOTT'S ARMY WHO DIED DURING THE BLACKHAWK WAR OF 1832."
The cabin warmed up quite a bit after we stoked the fire.
Matt Amato
Ben Amato
Robbie Blotter. Watch your head when you wake up.
Jeff Stevens
Picture doesn't do justice to this winter sunrise over the icy river. Pastel pinks and light blues.
Jeff takes a ride while Robbie switches the track. Don't worry, these are the tracks of the Elgin Trolley museum which is closed until the spring.
Again - pictures don't do justice. All the branches were ice coated and glistening in the early morning sun. Like walking through a grove of lighted Christmas tress.
The cabin from the outside.
They are all inside. What an opportunity! Should I lose the key?
Ben under attack.
Matt works on a knot while boosted by Br. Blotter. We have to make a rope tackle to lift 25 pounds.
We also made a rope tackle to drag a six-foot long, six-inch wide log.
Matt Amato taking a breather.
Robbie found a tree with a large hollow.
The idea here is to go from one end of the rope to the other, hand-over-hand, guerilla style. Jeff makes progress until the rope sags (with Ben's help).
Cameron about to lose it.
Pretty soon it's a free-for-all.
End of the day hike to the waterfall.
Photos and commentary by Rob Stevens (Assistant Scoutmaster).
Last updated December 26, 2003.
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