Geneva Troop 5

Blackhawk Forest Preserve, December 2002

Weekend campout at Blackhawk Forest Preserve, Route 31, South Elgin. Friday, December 20th to Saturday, December 21th. It was much colder than last year, but we had agreat time!

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In the cabin, lounging around the wood burning stove. Zach, Chris, Kirk, and Spencer.
Bill Qualls.
Chris Reynolds.
Carlos Osareo.
Jeffrey Stevens.
Spencer Maynes.
Kirk Gray. Skateboard optional.
Scoutmaster Dale Blotter readies another dutch oven dinner.
"How come you guys get steak but we don't?"
Biscuits are ready.
Brownies didn't turn out as well, but disappeared nonetheless.
I slept outside. No tent, just a tarp. I was anxious to test my new Marmot down bag. I was not disappointed!
Kirk Gray and Chris Reynolds slept in a tent rather than in the cabin.
Steve Homer shows Kirk Gray how to whip the ends of a rope.
Kirk Gray inspects Chris Reynolds' rope whipping.
We built a monkey bridge. Lacking sufficiently long, strong poles, we made use of two trees as shown here.
Kirk Gray ties a stringer to the monkey bridge.
Chris Reynolds ties a stringer to the monkey bridge.
Everyone is a little skeptical on their first time across a monkey bridge.
Jeffrey Stevens.
Chris Reynolds.
Soon we're playing "king of the bridge". Spencer vs. Kirk.
Kirk vs. Jeffrey.
No, really, I'm not cold.
Fishing for Pirhana This is a lashing contest: Lash two poles together end-to-end, use the poles as a single fishing pole in order to catch a rat trap. First team to catch a trap wins the game.
Fishing for pirhana.
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