Jeff Bates Eagle Court of Honor

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
Geneva Ward
November 23, 2002

Bates family (minus Laura who is at BYU.)
Sister Marie leads the opening song while Jeff accompanies on the piano.
Jeff plays the piano every Sunday at Priesthood Session opening exercises. His talents are put to use even at his own Eagle Court of Honor!
Unit Commissioner K Mallory officially convenes this Eagle Court of Honor.
Zach is ready with the troop flag.
Jeffrey presents the American flag.
Nice crowd tonight.
...and friends.
Jeanne and Anne.
Kevin, Diana, and Gary.
Shayla, Cameron, Stacee, and Shane.
Dave, Peggy, and Bryan.
Scoutmaster Dale Blotter conducts this Eagle Court of Honor.
The Eagles nest.
Mayor of Batavia congratulates Jeff and reads a proclamation: today is officially "Jeff Bates Day" in Batavia...
...and the Bates family seems to approve.
Br. Secrest talks about the journey from Scout to Eagle.
Todd tries (in vain) to find a flaw in Jeff's armor. Settles for calling Jeff "rock solid".
Jeff's English Teacher and Tennis Coach had many nice things to say about Jeff's character.
Mom pins the Eagle badge on her son as dad looks on.
Mom gets her mother's pin...and a well deserved hug.
Dad receives the "Eagle Scout Son" tie tack.
Off with the old scarf; on with the Eagle Scout neckerchief.
The Eagle badge, in front of which Jeff recited the Scout Oath and accepted the Eagle challenge.
New Eagle Scout Jeff Bates gives thanks.
Father Reid makes a few comments.
Sister Marie leads the closing song while mother Kathy accompanies on the piano.
It wouldn't be an LDS function without plenty of food! Cathy helps ready the refreshments.
The requisite cake. Spectacular as always.
Dig in.
Kathy Bates serves cake to Jeffrey Stevens.
Jeff visits with Shane and Bryan.
Sister Claire enjoys cake.
Photos by Bill Qualls. Back to the index.