My Knives Made by George Millard
May 2002

Here's my collection of George Millard hammer-forged knives (so far!)
George also makes high quality form fitting sheathes for his blades.
This knife is hammer forged from a thick piece of spring steel. It is one tough blade! If you like knives, then you'll love the feel of a well-made, heavy, hammer forged knife. If you don't like knives, well, I can't help you.
A closer look.
This one is a little smaller. The form fitting sheath is so well made, that this blade rides right up against the waist on the belt. You could wear this blade all day long and never know it's there.
This is a thinner blade. Still hammer forged. George and I refer to this as the kitchen knife. It just begs for the opportunity to slice through a steak!
The kitchen knife fits the hand so nice.
Here are two heavier knifes. They are terrific splitters. (My feeling is that the primary use for a medium sized fixed blade knife is as a splitter, using batoning. This is particularly important for fire building in wet weather or with hard woods.)
The blade on this knife is about six inches long and a quarter inch thick. It begs for the opportunity to split some wood.
A closer look at the splitter. George likes to add these decorative touches to his blades.
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