It was a real privilege to meet Paul Campbell, author of Survival Skills of Native California. Paul is a recognized authority on survival and he was kind enough to teach us about rabbitsticks (also known as throwing sticks.)

Part of Paul's collection of rabbitsticks.

This was my first time meeting Paul Campbell. A real genuine person. A side note: After looking over his book I told Dude that it was very impressive and Dude said "If I had written that book, you wouldn't be allowed to talk to me." That's Dude-speak for "Yeah, nice book." (I think Dude would still let me talk to him, though he might not feel compelled to respond.)

Paul discusses the construction of a rabbitstick. Short version: split a curved stick in half and taper the top side of each to resemble an airplane wing. A rabbitstick is not intended to return like a boomerang, but to skim over the ground close to the surface.

Rabbitsticks come in all shapes...

...and sizes.

"Now that's a stick!"

The wise elder (Dude McLean) attempts to kill a stuffed toy rabbit.

I was the worst at throwing! If you weren't directly behind me, then you were in danger of being hit. I thought I heard the toy rabbit snicker.

Vec's daughter shows me how it's done.

Brian aka Longrifle.

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