Assorted photos of friends - old and new - from the Southern California Dirttime Gathering of 2005. (Children's names deliberately omitted.)

It was a real pleasure to get to know Lou.

Lelach with her fly swisher made from yucca.

Dude demos the Promontory Peg deadfall trigger.

Bill Hay meditating?

The good brother Jarrod has good reason to smile.

I believe Baden-Powell once said something about young men being able to find high adventure in a puddle of water. The same can be said for little ones and a mound of dirt!

Peak baggers.

Scaling the mountain. Can you sense his determination?

Momma's gonna want to clean you up before you crawl into her sleeping bag!

All sass.

Cleaned up and in fresh PJ's. Enjoying a few marshmallows before bed.

I'm not sure which is older - Dude or his stove!

Pretty young Hoodlum.

Those eyes are gonna break hearts.

Good Hoodlum mom.

Brian aka longrifle

Edible plants walk with Christopher Nyerges.

Jarrod and Christopher.

It was a pleasure to meet fellow Latter-day Saint Allen Jensen.

Vec and baby. I guess all his bravado about good breeding stock is substantiated.

Best seat in the house.

Father Mike and his lovely wife Diana.

Lou enjoys some downtime.

Poor Lou!

Allen had the coolest collection of knives I've ever seen!

Blade talk. George, Lou and Allen.

Bill and Christopher.

Alan Halcon's sister-in-law takes a snooze in the hammock he made!

Moses? No, just Dude. Rumor is it was Dude who taught Moses how to survive in the desert.

Father Mike and Diana.

Alan Halcon aka the Fire God. See

George (of the Jungle) tries his hand at the hand drill.

George gets his first coal from the hand drill! Way to go George!

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