Chumash Cliff and Cave Drawings

The Wind Wolves Preserve is rich in native American history, including artifacts and cliff and cave drawings of the Chumash tribe.

Cheryl is the education director at Wind Wolves. The holes in this large stone were used as metates for grinding grain.

Cheryl said something about the smaller holes around the side of the stone having something to do with fertility rites, but I only heard part of that story and she may have been joking.

Cheryl shows Austin and the group a mano (grinding stone.)

This large hole in the cliff contained Chumash drawings. I was struck by what appeared to be the strange choice of locations for the drawings.

Alan Halcon points to one of the drawings. Point but do not touch! A little overexposed...sorry.

This series of lines is thought to have been used as a solar calendar.

The group journeys to another set of drawings...

I never would have expected to find drawings in this small cave.

If you just peeked into this cave you wouldn't see anything. You have to lay on the ground on your back to see the drawings. I think these were everyone's favorite!

I understand the blue tint used here is rather unusual.



These drawings (our third) were fully exposed. (Cheryl is holding her snake tongs...just in case.)


Most of the group. It was very sunny and very hot, but what a treat to see this place!

Allen Jensen and Dude McLean. If you look carefully, you can see Dude's horns, thus confirming those rumors...

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