Walker Ranch - Meyers Homestead Trail
December 7, 2002

Walker Ranch is part of Boulder County Parks and Open Space. From Denver, take 36 north to Boulder, exit at Baseline Road, turn left and up into the mountains. The Meyers Homestead Trail begins at the group picnic area. It is 2.5 miles one way, and ends at an overlook of the peaks north of the park. I did this hike with my new friends, Michael and Jon Smith.
Michael and Jon at the trailhead.
We saw some deer.
We didn't see any mountain lions, but we are pretty sure we saw tracks in some old snow.
This old sawmill is about 1/2 mile from the trailhead.
Trail is a dirt road, mostly uphill to the overlook, then downhill on the return trip.
Keep eating your Wheaties, Jon!
Father and son. Almost there.
Made it! Boulder Canyon Overlook.
The view towards Indian Peaks Wilderness.
The view toward Boulder.
Michael and I.
Meadow. We took a route off the main trail here. We saw what we think were mountain lion tracks in the snow.
Jon examines a willow which a buck has used to rub the felt from his antlers.
Jon looks at a tree resembling a bonsai.
King of the hill.
Reminders of an earlier forest fire.
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