Road Trip with Dave Hoots, September 7, 2002

Dave and I met via the Hoods Woods forum. We have in common our interest in survival skills and our religion. Dave took me on an auto tour of a portion of the Rockies just outside of Denver. Here are photos from that trip.
We took C-470 to Kipling to Deer Canyon Road to Turkey Canyon Road to C-285 west from Denver. This is Dave at Kenosha Pass.
The view from Kenosha Pass. The aspens are just starting to change color. "Colorado Gold."
Another view from Kenosha Pass.
We left C-285 at the town of Fairplay (my personal favorite) and took Highway 9 towards Breckenridge. This is the view towards Fairplay from the north.
Another view from the same turnout (north of Fairplay), but looking to the west.
The coal burning Georgetown Loop Railroad as seen from Interstate 70.
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