Brainard Lake to Blue Lake, September 8, 2002

I left Denver around 6:00am and drove up I-25 to I-70 westbound. I got off at Idaho Springs and drove Virginia Canyon Road to Central City. Virginia Canyon Road is a narrow, steep, winding dirt road - a real "white knuckler" in my Saturn! I'm glad I was going up instead of down! I continued on the Peak-to-Peak Highway to the Brainard Lake Recreation Area. I parked at the Mitchell Lake Trailhead (elevation 10,400) and hiked three miles to Blue Lake (elevation 11,300.)
Yours truly on a footbridge just a short distance from the trailhead.
Mitchell Lake is one mile from the trailhead.
Yours truly at Mitchell Lake.
A view of the stream flowing from Mitchell Lake.
Mitchell Lake from above.
Making friends on the trail...this is Bob Zinser (left) and Dave Johnston (right). Both have had open heart surgery. They hike together regularly. Pretty cool, huh?
Almost to Blue Lake.
Small flowers on the trail.
The stream below Blue Lake.
Water flowing from Blue Lake. Colorado is experiencing a severe drought. I suspect there would be much more water here in a "normal" year.
Blue Lake.
Blue Lake.
Yours truly at Blue Lake.
Dave Johnston (left) and Bob Zinser (right) at Blue Lake.
The falls which feed Blue Lake.
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