Squaw Peak Mohave Trail
August 15, 2004

This was my second hike today (I hiked the Squaw Peak Nature Trail immediately prior.) This is hike #6 in Stewart Green's book, and it was a pleasant surprise. Green states that this hike is only .8 miles round trip, but that seems low to me. The views of Squaw Peak are pleasant and while that trail, only a quarter mile away, was busy, I was the only person on this trail.
To reach the trailhead from Scottsdale, go west on Lincoln Drive, then north on Squaw Peak Parkway. Continue to the Mohave ramadas (located on the right side of the road.) Green's book states the trailhead is next to ramada #4, but it is actually next to ramada #6. (Yellow arrow points to trailhead.)
The trail makes a simple climb to a small saddle with nice views of downtown Phoenix, then contours around a small rise before beginning a short but steep climb to an unnamed peak, elevation 1788'.
Enroute to the unnamed peak, with Squaw Peak in the background.
Just a few feet away from my destination. Green's book states that these bars are for horses. To me, the last part of this trail seems too steep for horses, but that probably just shows how little I know about horses. Squaw Peak in the distance.
Looking to the Squaw Peak trailhead from the unnamed peak.
Looking back to where I started from the peak.
Me with Squaw Peak in the background.
Nitro the camel out for a training walk. Not something you see everyday!
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