South Mountain Pima Canyon Road
August 16, 2004

I headed for South Mountain after work, leaving my hotel in Scottsdale at 5:30pm. I encountered more traffic than I expected as I drove south on 101, so I wasn't able to hike as much as I had hoped. This is hike #13 in Stewart Green's book. Total distance 2.2 miles.

I had a lot of trouble finding the trailhead because there has been much construction since Green's book was published, including the closure of part of 48th street. Take 48th south from I-10, through the traffic circle, around a large curve to the right, past the golf course, and turn at the first right after Guadalupe Road. The park entrance is then immediately to the left.

There was a lot of lightning in the sky to the north throughout much of my hike. It was getting closer as I returned to my car, so I jogged the last 3/4 miles. Just as I reached the car, the sky opened and it poured like crazy. Now I know what they mean by "monsoon season" here!

The trailhead is at the end of the road.
The Pima Wash trail is to the right of the gate.
Pima Canyon trail is popular with joggers, hikers, and mountain bikers.
At the end of the road are the ruins of two picnic shelters. But for the lack of a roof, this one looked fine to me. I don't know why Green refers to it as a "ruin".
I wandered a short distance off the main trail in order to check out the ruins and this guy told me to back off.
Don't tread on me. Cool.
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