Lost Dutchman State Park
August 20, 2004

After work I drove to Lost Dutchman State Park and hiked the Treasure Loop Trail and the Siphon Draw Trail. These are hikes #21 (2.4 miles) and #22 (3.2 miles) respectively in Stewart Green's book. Temperature was in the 90s.
To reach the trailhead from Scottsdale, go south on 101, east on 60, north on Idaho Road (exit 196), east on Arizona 88, right at park entrance. Park entrance fee is $6.
Treasure Loop trail in yellow, Siphon Draw trail in red.
Informational sign.
Me on the Treasure Loop trail.
Tall (30 feet?) trailside saguaro cactus.
Cactus in bloom.
Rock formation known as the Praying Monk.
Praying Monk.
Or is this one the Praying Monk? I'm not sure!
Just another random desert view...makes my heart sing.
Superstition Mtns in the background, cholla cactus in the foreground.
It was already dusk when I began hiking the Siphon Draw trail. It is a long steady climb.
This was my second trip to the Superstition Wilderness, having hiked Peralta Canyon several weeks ago.
Sunset over Phoenix about 20 miles to the west.
The fading light played games with the colors of the rocks.
Crescent moon.
I'm not sure I made it to Siphon Draw. I really don't know what I was looking for; where the "trail" ends and the "boulder scrambling" begins. I suspect I was just a little short of Siphon Draw, but it was getting dark. I had already heard a rattlesnake in some brush beside the trail: I wanted to get off the more narrow trail inside the canyon before it got too dark.
I hiked the last mile or so in the dark. I had a flashlight but didn't bother using it. With no overhead canopy there was sufficient light to make out the trail in front of me. It was very peaceful. When I got back to the car I spent some time sitting at a picnic table enjoying the desert atmosphere and watching the silhouette of the Superstition Mtns against the evening sky.
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