A Very Short Walk on the Pacific Crest Trail

While attending the Southern California Dirttime 2007 gathering at Anza Borrego Desert State Park, several of us drove to Blair Valley for a hike to the Marshall South Homestead site. On the way there, we passed a sign for the Pacific Crest Trail, and after a sharp turn passed another sign a short while later. So on the way back I asked Dude if he would stop at one sign and let me hike the short distance to the other. It turned out to be only about a quarter mile. The distance isn't significant, but the dream is. I have wanted to hike the PCT since I read The High Adventure of Erik Ryback in the sixth grade (1967...you do the math!) I've done small pieces of it, and this was the smallest yet. Thanks to Dude and the other Hoodlums for humoring me. Someday...!

PCT sign on CA Hwy S2 just east of CA Hwy 78.

...and a quarter mile later at CA Hwy 78 just east of the (dry) San Felipe River.

This section of trail is in the San Felipe Valley. This photo was taken the next evening on the drive home from CA Hwy 78.

Clouds rolling over the mountains.

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