Palm Canyon Hike

One of the highlights of the Southern California Dirttime 2007 gathering at Anza Borrego Desert State Park was the group hike to the Palm Canyon oasis.

Getting this many people organized and headed in the same direction is not easy!

Fellow Hoodlum ML dropped off a surprise package consisting of embroidered watch caps for everyone. Alan passes them out. Thanks, ML!

"Who didn't get one?"

While Alan and Rik took pictures of the group, I took a picture of the photographers.

And we're off...!

Me at the Palm Canyon trailhead. My right leg looks pretty nasty, having just come off a month of treatment for cellulitis. But I couldn't miss this!

Despite the warnings, we did see hikers without water.

The ocotillo was about the only thing in bloom.

The mountains are barren. The palms in the foreground are remnants of a flood several years ago which devastated this canyon.

Lou and Austin.

Lou has turned Austin into an ocotillo!

It wasn't long before we were spread out.

Doesn't look too promising from here -- but just wait!

Jimson weed.

Bill Hay and Harold.

Palm trees in the distance and water to our left!

Brian (aka Longrifle) and his son Gunner.

You would hardly expect to find water here.

Yours truly.

The landscape is so desolate but so beautiful.

Rik Palm.

Brian and Gunner lead the way.

The wise elder Dude McLean. He's been coming here for many years.

Look up there! A bighorn sheep!

The Palm Canyon oasis.


The oasis is a fraction of its former size as a result of the flood.

Cindy and Dave.

Me and Cindy and Dave. Vector's son John in the background.

Lou and Bill Hay...and someone else I hope will join the forum!

Ron and Karen Hood. Hey Karen: Emma said you are "so cool" for drinking Monster!

A desert bighorn sheep decides it's time for a drink.

"Crazy tourists."

According to a display at the visitors' center, a desert bighorn can drink 2 gallons of water in a minute, and will often drink as much as 5 gallons of water at one time.



"This is my best side."

"That's close enough big boy!"

"I've had enough of this."

"Catch me if you can."

That's Christopher Nyerges in the black hat.

The return trip.

I wanted to see which Hoodlum was most serious about his blades. Specifically, who carried the most knives on the hike. Ron Hood had eight.

Dude McLean also had eight. But he also had an ax, so he was declared the winner. Ron Hood took exception saying, "Yeah, but those blades are crap!" Sorry, Ron. The decision of the judge is final.

Lou must have misbehaved on the hike as Gunner has seen fit to tie him to a post.

Poor Lou...!

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