Dirttime 2007 Arrival

It was a privlege to attend the Southern California Dirttime 2007 gathering at Anza Borrego Desert State Park. The following are pictures taken prior to or shortly following my arrival.

Vector and his lovely wife Erica graciously hosted me for a day and gave me a ride to and from the gathering. Here Vector sweeps while Erica gasps in disbelief.

As we drove into the park a coyote crossed the road in front of us. Alas, I was too slow with the camera.

A site for sore eyes...the Hoodlums banner!

Dude McLean and Alan Halcon were kind enough to organize this gathering.

It's a pretty desolate place. This is usually the time of year when the desert blooms but there has been no water.

The view from our awning.

It's hot...

...and sometimes windy!

Let's meet some Hoodlums. This is Lou.

This is Brian (aka Longrifle) and his son Gunner.

This is Swede and his wife Kimberley.

The evenings were sooo pleasant!

This is Chelsea and Daniel. That kid was always smiling!

This is Ed (aka Anvilsmith) and his wife Ann.

This is Harold and Bill Hay. To the far left is Vector with his mouth open, a common site.

Another day. What's this Alan? No menudo?

I get squash while Daddy gets Heinekin? Bummer!

The true breakfast of champions.

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