Around Camp

The following are assorted pictures taken around camp while attending the Southern California Dirttime 2007 gathering at Anza Borrego Desert State Park.

Dave and Cindy invited some of us over to their trailer for steak and baked potato dinner. So much better than the Mountain House dinner I had planned! (L-R) Cindy, Griz, Ouchie, Harold, Me.

Bill Hay and Cindy.

Ouchie and Harold.
Up till midnight: Swede, Dave, Ouchie, Vector.
Early the next morning Dave is up making breakfast burritos.
Breakfast with Dave and Cindy (L-R) Griz, Ouchie, Bill Hay, Cindy, Kim.
Dave and Cindy will long be remembered by several of us for their kindness.

Ron shows Austin a magic trick.

Austin is determined to figure out another of Ron's tricks.
For his final act, Ron turns Austin into a roadrunner.
Poor Lou! Deja vu!
Trade blanket. Dude offers to trade a handmade period-correct shooting bag for two kids.
Vector and Erica.
Daniel says "This will make a fine spindle. If I could find a decent fireboard I could show dad how the hand drill fire is really done."
Erica and sleepy girl. That's one incredible mom!
Suppertime back at Dave and Cindy's. Dave cooks burgers.

Evening campfire.

Lou, Griz and Dave.
Ouchie pays for the beer he has consumed today.
John and Alan stargazing.

Why a good Marine fights the good fight.

God bless all members of the armed forces. Stay safe and come home soon.

Copyright © 2007 by Bill Qualls.
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