Edible and Useful Plants

Here are two pictures of me in early October with two red maple trees. These pictures were taken here in Florida to show that even in Florida, you can still have some seasonal change! The red maple tree grows from southern Canada to south Florida. You can drink the sap and eat the seeds of the red maple tree!
This plant is called lance leave arrowhead and it is a close relative of the regular arrow head plant. I am harvesting some of the tubers of the plants. They make a good substitute for potato!
Dog fennel was use by the Indians of the South East for making friction fire by the hand drill method!
This plant is called wild coffee. It was used as a coffee substitute by the early settlers in Florida!
This plant is called coco plum. This is another delicious fruit that is found in South Florida. There are two varieties: one turns "black" when ripe and the other turns "white" when ripe. They both taste real good!
This plant is called Coastal Plain Willow. This is a very interesting plant! The bark of the plant is a good substitute for aspirin. I have chewed on twigs of this plant when I had body aches and I have felt relief soon after! You can also use the wood to make friction fires!
This plant is called Virginia Creeper. This vine is often confused with poison ivy! But if you look closely it has five leaflets while poison ivy has only three. The leaflets also turn bright red in the winter! But do not eat the berries, they are poisonous!
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