Survival Course - February 2003

Here are some photos from a survival course I attended in February 2003. The name of the school is Medicine Bow and is run by Mark Warren. The school is located in the Mountains of Northern Georgia. The class lasted two days and we covered many primitive wilderness skills like edible and medicinal plants, friction fire making by the hand drill method, making debris huts and animal traps, primitive methods of cooking and making bowls from wood to boil water! Medicine Bow can be reached at

Landy better known as Wind walker 96 - Meeting Landy for the first time and camping with him was a great joy! I truely look forward to camping with him in the future! He is truely a great Hoodlum!

Good ole Rusty - Rusty is Mark's assistant and a super nice guy!

EDIBLE AND MEDICINAL PLANTS - Mark Warren sharing his knowledge of plants with us! Mark is a great teacher who enjoys teaching! I will highly recommend his classes!

Making a figure four trap - My self, Landy, Franchesca and John on the back! Landy is one great Hoodlum I had a great time camping with him! Franchesca was the youngest and always happy to participate on all the events and John was the oldest and just like her was always ready for the next challenge! I truely enjoy their company!

This is one of the traps that we learned about! We took the trap apart after we learn how to make them!

Making our earth oven - We dug a hole in the ground and lined it with rocks. We then added plenty of wood on top of the rocks and then made a fire by the hand drill method. We let the fire get the rocks nice and hot and then we removed the coals. We then wrapped the tubers that we had collected in grass and we placed them in the hole and covered the hole with dirt. After some time we dug up the grass bundle and we all enjoyed a nice meal!

Yummy Yummy - This is what was left of the food after five minutes!

Mark's Neighbors - Behind Mark is Chris and Peggy, they had recently moved to the mountains! Moving to the mountains had been their dream. They were real nice people. I wish that I had more time to get to know them!

Best friends - Allison and Kim were always involved in all the events! They were always cheerful and also very knowledgeable. Talking to them was a pleasure!

Say Cheese - Sara was here and there and every where at once! She had a very strong desire to learn and she was also very knowledgeable. It was a great pleasure to listen to her speak!

Time to relax - Doug is getting some goodies to eat and Franchesca is writing the days events in her diary!

CLASS PICTURE - Class picture starting with the front row from left to right! My self, Landy better known as the Wind walker 96, Sara, Franchesca, Peggy, Allison, Kim and back row starting on the left John, Doug, Fred, Chris, Bob, John, Michael and our instructor Mark Warren. Everyone got along great!

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