Woodbadge Pledge of Performance

This ticket is my pledge of performance by which I will apply the leadership competencies to which I have been introduced in Woodbadge Course No. WB4-39-7 at Ahwahnee Scout Camp on August 20-27, 1977. My present scouting position is Ahwahnee Survival Camp Director.

I. Getting and Giving Information

  • Written information to scouts: Disctrict roundtables, O/A meetings, troop meetings, etc. for promotion of camp; and written information supplied to those scouts who come to camp prior to their arrival.
  • Good notebook with written material and spaces for notes to be supplied to each scout who comes to camp.

    (I expect the scouts to be better prepared to get the most out of the course.)

    II. Knowing and Using the Resources of the Group

  • A questionaire/resource sheet to be filled out by the scouts and returned prior to their arrival in camp.
  • Maintain a resourse sheet for each of the staff.

    (I expect to better understand who I can call on for different topics and better understand if the scouts will be ready for different challenges.)

    III. Understanding the Characteristics and Needs of the Group

  • To have a discussion with each scout -- to find out his real needs and see what he expects to get out of the course.
  • Recognition - provide immediate recognition for boys for the skills they have accomplished: i.e. brands or beads for doing fires, arrowheads, etc. -- to motivate the boys to work in skills - "reenforce the positive", "immediate recognition".

    IV. Manager of Learning

  • I will incorporate M.O.L. in all learning sessions.
  • I will train my staff to use M.O.L.

    (The boys will have a better learning experience and we will spend less time going over things they already know.)

    V. Representing the Group

  • I will consult my staff regularly for problems, etc. so that I know their opinion when I talk to my director.
  • I will train my staff in understanding the scouts under their charge and to be aware of any problems they have and to let me know.

    (I expect to have a staff with high morale and fewer problems this way.)

    VI. Evaluating

  • Use evaluation (and therefore recognition) as an effective motivation technique. Also have scouts evaluate the course at end of week.
  • Use an effective evaluation of my staff so they can improve.

    (I expect to constantly be improving the program and staff in this way - "reenforce the positive".)

    VII. Planning

  • Have all activities planned as to who, when, where, what, why, and how -- written.
  • Have a plan for an emergency anywhere along the way and an alternate plan for weather problems, etc.

    (I expect to have a smooth running, safe program.)

    VIII. Controlling the Group

  • Closely watch the group during hikes, etc. (while still letting them lead themselves.)
  • Careful watch of staff for problems with morale, fatigue, etc.

    (For safety and to catch problems before they get out of hand.)

    IX. Counseling

  • I will always stay on an open level with the scouts so it will be possible to counsel them when necessary.
  • I will be ready to counsel scouts and staff and not give advise.

    (I will help the boys and staff to have a more meaningful week and learn for themselves.)

    X. Sharing Leadership

  • Let staff feel like they are a part by planning, evaluating, etc.
  • Let scouts each have an opportunity to lead the group.

    (For better staff morale and recognize boys' need to be able to lead.)

    XI. Setting the Example

  • Hire a staff that shows initiative and is mature.
  • Attempt to always have an enthusiastic attitude towards the program.

    (I will be sure myself and my staff set a good example, otherwise we can't possibly expect to have a good program. The boys will hopefully catch on to and learn from this example.)

    I look forward to a fantastic survival program next summer, and Woodbadge has been a great help. I will always try to remember the three main objectives of Scouting: character, citizenship, and fitness.

    Bill Qualls
    August 26, 1977

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