About BucketLogic

BucketLogic was written by Bill Qualls in partial fulfillment of the course requirements for ETT590, Games and Simulations in Education, Spring 2009, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, Illinois. Professor: Dr. Jason Underwood.

BucketLogic is an extensive rework of a project I completed in 2001. That project was written entirely in JavaScript, and it's a pretty cool program if you're into this kind of thing. The inspiration came from the Simpletron project found in Dietel, Dietel & Nieto's Internet & World Wide Web: How to Program, First edition, page 441-447. Anyway, here's what the original looked like:

As you can see, the original was entirely text based. Well, I was profoundly affected by James Paul Gee's What Video Games Have to Teach Us about Learning and Literacy, pages 84-87, especially his comments about abstraction. It occurred to me that my computer simulation could be made less abstract if it was more visual. So I came up with a PowerPoint storyboard, the last slide of which appeared as follows:

In this example I am using labeled bins to show the contents of memory rather than a text based "memory dump" as shown in the first image. I sent the storyboard to my professor, and he said to go with it, and so that's what I did.

As I thought about it some more, I decided I wanted to make this as "visual" as possible. That's an ambitious plan, as I am not artistic at all! But the first thing I came up with is the use of buckets. Over the years I have often heard the term "bucket" used by programmers when referring to some place in memory to hold the contents of a variable. And that's how BucketLogic got its name. Here's a screen print from BucketLogic 1.0:

BucketLogic is written in Java.

This has been a fun project. I will continue to enhance it as time allows. I hope you enjoy it. I welcome your comments.

Copyright © 2009 by Bill Qualls