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  1. Displaying the contents of the Program Data Vector: put (_all_)(=/);
  2. How I deal with temporary variables: useful naming convention, and drop with a wildcard.
  3. Parsing character fields: use of scan and input functions.
  4. IF vs. WHERE - Yes, it matters: their effects on _N_.
  5. Forcing printed output in the event of an empty data file: when it is better to see headers and an empty report than to see nothing at all.
  6. A SAS macro to parse a path into its folder, filename, and extension: and how to read a SAS file given its full path.
  7. Parsing drug dosages: a use case for the anyalpha and substr functions: another data wrangling tip.
  8. Using PROC FORMAT in data munging: it's not just for reporting.
  9. More on PROC FORMAT: writing formats to specific libraries; copying formats from one library to another.